On December 9 2020, Train-ASD partners from Greece, Romania and Belgium met for the last time on a transnational meeting to exchange the latest updates about the project and prepare the last results to be delivered.
This meeting was due to take place in Brussels, Belgium but due to the COVID-19 outbreak partners decided to host the meeting virtually.

Since the beginning of the project in December 2018, 730 teachers had been successfully trained on communication and teaching approaches in autism, and more than 3,2K professional have registered on the Train-ASD e-learning platform. The trainings aim at improving teacher’s skills in working with autistic learners. Trainings have a strong practical dimension to address the gaps identified by teachers, academics and professionals.
At the meeting, partners discussed the last steps of the project, including the evaluation of the quantitative and qualitative data collected throughout the project’s lifespan or preparations for the final online conferences in Greece and Romania. All project results and training materials are publically available on the project’s website.
An overview of the dissemination of the project undertaken over the last two years was presented and featured some figures which demonstrate the high level of interest raised by the project:
+5K stakeholders involved
+7K website users
+2K subscribers to the quarterly newsletter
+800 followers on Train-ASD social media channels
It calls for ensuring future sustainability of the project’s results and their wider use. Partners therefore also discussed what actions can be taken to ensure ongoing activity of the project within each partner country. They agreed to act as sustainability champions within their organisations and countries.