Teacher with childTrain-ASD (Vocational training on Communication and Teaching Approaches in Autism Spectrum Disorders) aims in the creation of a European -level strategic partnership and know-how exchange network for vocational training of professionals in the field of autism in order to support autistic children and individuals through training, education and familiarization of professionals on alternative systems of communication.

This will be achieved through:

  • developing teachers' skills on systematic observation of autistic children / children on the autism spectrum
  • training teachers on alternative communication systems (PECS, TEACCH, Makaton)
  • training teachers on managing behavior difficulties through techniques such as, the circle of friends, social stories etc.
  • enabling teachers to become creators of the National Curriculum
  • enabling teachers to support parents and to develop teachers-parents collaboration

Train-ASD addresses to:

  • teachers in the field of autism spectrum disorders newly appointed or unemployed
  • teachers with experience
  • teachers working as parallel support in mainstream schools with autistic children / children on the autism spectrum and several difficulties in communication 
    other personnel (e.g. speech therapists, psychologists, ergotherapists, social workers)