The 21st November 2019, 65 professionals gathered in the University of Macedonia to learn more about the preliminar findings results of the Erasmus+ project Train-ASD, as well as the  different ways of supporting and including children on the autism spectrum.

The event was addressed to teachers, educators who work with autistic children, but also to parents who want to know about different ways of supporting and integrating children with autism. Pre-school, primary, secondary, general, special, and technical educators attended the event, as well as parents, psychologists, speech therapists, or even musicians and painters. 

Project coordiantor Professor Christine Syriopoulou presented the necessity for training of teachers in alternative and augmentative communication methods in order to support and integrate children on the autism spectrum into the education process and then into vocational process and society. Maria Karavelaki from Inte*Learn introduced the educational platform and the features of the Train-ASD online training.

The presentation concluded with a discussion about the features and materials included in the Train-ASD curriculum, and the next steps of the project. Beisdes, numeorusTrainees expressed their strong interest to take part on the Train-ASD training through the online platform.

Train-ASD foresees three promotional events, two national events, and one final international conference in Brussels over its two-year lifespan.