On June 29th it was announced that the Train-ASD project won the Gold Award at the Education Leaders Awards 2020 in the field of Digital Education.


The Education Leaders Awards is a yearly competition for projects who carry out best practices in education in Greece. Organized by Boussias Communication, a leading media group in Greece, the competition aims to recognize leaders in the field of education.


The awards are divided into three sectors including Education, Extroversion & Cooperation and Management, Economy & Facilities. Within the Education sector, Train-ASD came first in the Digital Education category and was recognized for its work in developing free digital e-learning courses as well as an e-book and knowledge certification for educators and professionals working with children on the Autism Spectrum.


Over 200 nominations were submitted this year and an evaluation Committee composed of teachers, experts, academics and representatives of educational institutions was in charge of selecting the winners.


The chairman of the Committee is Mrs. Anna Diamantopoulou, President of the Network for Reform in Greece and Europe and former EU Commissioner and Minister of Education. As the awards took place during the COVID-19 pandemic, Mrs. Anna Diamantopoulou declared that "The pandemic highlighted the shocking changes required by education systems".


The Train-ASD project is committed to addressing the training needs of educators on issues related to alternative communication systems and training approaches for autistic people.


For more information about the awards, please visit the dedicated site here.